LNK Next – Building a modern transportation hub for our growing city.

Lincoln, Nebraska is a thriving community to live, work and play. Connecting Lincoln to the world is the Lincoln Airport – a customer-service, Nebraska-nice airport that delivers over $1 billion in economic value annually. 

To better serve the community of Lincoln, we’re excited to launch LNK Next. To continue growing, Lincoln must build for the future. The airport is no exception.

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Lincoln Airport’s Expansion Efforts

The LNK Next expansion efforts will include:

Updated Infrastructure

The 50 year-old terminal will get some much-needed love and modernized amenities.

Two New Gates

LNK will expand its capacity by adding two gates, which will leave room for additional expansion.

Full TSA PreCheck Capability

Infrastructure will be put into place to allow TSA to run a full PreCheck.

Improved Amenities

More food and drink options will make traveling that much sweeter!

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Lincoln Airport’s Impact on the Community


Billion in economic impact yearly


Visitors annually



The Lincoln Airport connects Lincoln residents, families and business professionals to the world. Hear why so many Lincoln residents treasure LNK.

LNK FAQ + Resources

Long overdue updates will modernize the amenities available in LNK’s 50-year-old terminal:

  • Updated infrastructure: These renovations will include enhancements for passenger safety in the terminal security areas, as well as a fully renovated lobby on the main floor, including flooring, lighting and other fixtures. This project will also incorporate new COVID-19 design concepts and remodeled airport administrative offices.


  • Two new gates: LNK will increase its capacity by adding two gates, as well as installing two additional passenger boarding bridges to accommodate peak hour demand. These additions will also leave room for additional expansion.


  • Full TSA PreCheck Capability: Infrastructure will be put into place to allow TSA to run a full PreCheck, if implemented by TSA then registered travelers will be able to enjoy the same PreCheck amenities experienced at larger commercial service airports.

  • Improved amenities: Full service post-security food and beverage options will make traveling in and out of Lincoln much sweeter!
  • Consolidation:
    • TSA Checkpoints:Since the Lincoln Airport terminal was designed in 1974, its split-use, unconnected layout still requires two fully staffed security checkpoints and two separate airline checked baggage facilities. Consolidating these checkpoints and bag screening facilities is a long overdue update that will add efficiency to the passenger experience through minimized bag movement and reduction in the number of times personnel would have to be split up.

    • Ticket Counters: Consolidating the airline ticket counters in the departure flight area will not only enhance passenger flow, but also simplify future expansion.

  • Relocation:
    • Baggage claim and rental car counters: Repositioning the baggage claim and rental car counters will enhance traffic on level one of the airport facility.

    • Amenities: Relocating concessions so food and beverages are available post-security will modernize LNK. The Lincoln Airport Flyers Club will also be moved past the security checkpoints.

The Lincoln Airport is responsible for nearly 9,000 jobs and over $1.3 billion in economic impact yearly.


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